The medieval square with the magnificent Žužemberk Castle, which stands on a cliff above the Krka river, is a place where time passes differently. The ever-present history, heroism and the sounds of the Krka river give the castle and square their name.


What to see in this city?

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The magnificent fortress above the Krka river which awakens from historic dreams is well worth a visit and makes an interesting historic, painters’ and/or photographers’ adventure.

The diversity and vivacity of the Krka river with its constant burble gives a melody to a time of boom, collapse and renewed growth, which one should experience in person. See the following attractions:

Žužemberk Castle, the birth place Andrej Auersperg,  the commander and victor of important battles of his time, and the diplomat and prime minister Prince Janez Vajkard Auersperg. The fortress was built as  a line of defence against the spread of the Ottoman Empire.

Cast-iron fountain – a fountain with four outflow pipes in the shape of a snakes head.

The 13th century St. Nicholas’s church by the Krka river with frescoes by Janez Ljubljanski.

The tuff waterfalls and canyon of the Krka river, a natural work of art, which envelop the river with a wonderful aura of vitality.

The park of famous people from Suha krajina, a lasting memory of the work and lives of exceptional people.

Church of St. Mohor and Fortunatus, a Baroque-style church. It was demolished in World War II and renovated in 1995. Among its features are organs, a Holy grave, and paintings of the Stations of the Cross.

The National Liberation Front memorial in Cvibelj is one of the biggest World War II tombs in Suha krajina. It contains the remains of fallen soldiers from 17 foreign countries.

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