Visit the capital of Slovenian beekeeping and chocolate. Quaint Linhart Square is full of houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries adorned by colourful facades where the heritage of beekeeping and honeybread making can be discovered. The town with the most hours of sunshine in Gorenjska is also ideal for enjoying active outdoor and cultural experiences.



What to see in this city?

Get to know the city

A town of sweet adventures

A palette of colourful buildings and a rich tradition of beekeeping, honeybread making and pottery.

Museum of Apiculture – a comprehensive presentation of Slovenian apiculture with the country’s largest exhibition of beehive frontal panels

Lectar Honeybread Workshop – where there are always tempting smells of honeybread; the traditional workshop is also a museum of honeybread making

View Point – at the end of Linhart Square there are magnificent panoramic views of the Sava river valley and the Julian Alps

Town defence moat – the only partly preserved town defence moat in Slovenia, dating from the 15th century

Šivec House – a richly decorated and exceptionally well preserved bourgeouise house with Renaissance and Late Gothic elements; the ground floor houses a gallery

Radovjlica Mansion – a magnificent Baroque mansion which is home to museums, music and selected events

St. Peter’s Church – in the surroundings of the Gothic church there is an exhibiton of the development of the town, the old town walls, the rectory manor and tavern and the Edith Stein chapel

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