Duration : 4 Hours

Price : from €39 up / A minimum of 2 people


Kranj: Cifra al’ mož?

Who was the man whose image we encounter in Slovenia instead of statesmen and war leaders? The city rebel and mystery man with a beret. The man on the Slovenian coin. France Prešeren, a man of many contradictions, a poet who marked Slovenia with the pan-European spirit of Romanticism, spent the last years of his life as a lawyer in Kranj. The town on a hill between two rivers is marked with his greatness at every turn. Follow the poet on a journey of fickle destiny – from the town centre to the canyon of the Kokra river. Or take a completely different path! The direction of this unusual adventure is decided by the throw of a coin at each crossroads. 

 The experience includes: 

  • an unusual tour of Prešeren’s House, Prešeren’s Theatre, Prešeren’s Grove, and the Prešerniana collection 
  • writing with a goose feather quill
  • creating photographs on glass
  • vegan snacks from selected local providers and drinks on a fascinating city terrace