Fest Mest+ Metlika

Concert of the Tržič Wind Band in Metlika


“I come from Tržič, am known far and wide …” The people of Tržič say they are known as cheerful people, and anyone who has listened to the Tržič Wind Band can definitely agree with this.

The musicians of the Tržič Wind Band are not only united by their joie de vivre, but also by their love of music and almost a hundred years of tradition. They have been creating almost continuously since 1927, when talented individuals founded what is today one of the most important cultural institutions in Tržič. It has more than forty musicians, some of them very young, who have won many awards that prove the quality of their music. The Tržič Wind Band will dazzle you with the musical traditions and the cheerful disposition of this shoemakers’ town and, conducted by Franci Podlipnik, will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.


The event can also be part of your FEST MEST+ experience package, which includes:

  • Metlika guided tour at 15.00,
  • Late lunch with traditional menu of the Bela krajina region;
  • concert at 18.00
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