Duration : 3,5 hours

Price : 40 EUR per person, children 25 EUR (minimum 2 persons)


Presta route

FROM BROWN FLOUR TO A PRETZEL – Črnomelj is a town shaped like a pretzel. From the old story of brown flour, we have kneaded a fresh and crispy tour with the women of Črnomelj, who tell the stories of the town and the Bela Krajina Region.

THE ČRNOMELJ WOMEN WALK – Welcome among strong women, meet the noblewoman, the pretzel-maker and the postmistress who will open the door to the secrets of this town located at the confluence of two rivers.

A SECRET CODE FOR COURAGE – The determined women of Črnomelj will entrust you with a secret recipe for courage and passion.

The experience includes:

  • tasting of typical drinks
  • a walk through the twisted stories and cellars
  • learning the Kolo dance
  • picnic with a basket of goodies